Do you want people to take action to improve their health or the environment?

With Cause Action you can increase engagement, improve results and plan more successful behaviour change projects.


“Cause Action have been invaluable in ensuring our health interventions are planned from the audience’s perspective and benefit from practical behaviour change principles”
– Claire McIver, Senior Health Improvement Specialist, City of Stoke on Trent


“I would recommend Cause Action to any charity wanting to explore how behaviour change principles can increase their effectiveness and impact”
– Kate Mendoza, Head of Health Information, World Cancer Research Fund, UK


Behaviour change can be a challenge, but Cause Action can help you make it attractive, normal and easy for your target audiences to take positive action. We do this by:


1. Ensuring your plan is right from the start
To change people’s behaviour you need to focus. One size does not fit all.
We help you to segment your audience, identify priority groups and define the behaviour you want people to change.

2. Taking your audience’s perspective
We design and deliver research to get insight into how your audience sees your issue.
We’re good at getting people to open up and give us their opinions, such as teenagers who use sunbeds, school staff who waste energy, and women who drink too much.

3. Designing and delivering effective behaviour change projects
We will ensure your project involves the right mix of support, contextual change and communications to increase the benefits of change and reduce the barriers to change for your audience.

 4. Evaluating and improving
We can assess your activities against best behaviour change practice using our unique diagnostic tool. After that review, you get a prioritised action plan of what to change to improve results.

 5. Training
Your organisation can benefit from training to develop in house skills in designing and implementing successful behaviour change projects.


Get details about how we have helped other organisations improve their planning and results in the health, sustainability and charity sectors.

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