Managing effective energy efficiency projects: Seven top tips from the field

In summer 2012 we researched and co-wrote a report for Consumer Focus called What’s in it for me? which detailed how a range of projects had motivated householders to adopt energy efficiency measures.

The report, and its accompanying Behaviour Change Planning Checklist, recommended adopting an audience-focussed, behaviour change approach to improve the effectiveness of energy efficiency projects.

These findings were explored in three workshops with energy efficiency practitioners in York, Birmingham and London. Using the experience and feedback from the practitioners who attended workshops we have written a new report, What’s in it for us? that captures the key learning from the sessions and makes seven recommendations to improve the performance of energy efficiency projects.

1. Projects should ensure they truly understand the benefits that might motivate their audience to change behaviour (as well as the barriers they face).

2. The advantages of audience segmentation are appreciated but projects need to apply segmentation more rigorously to effectively target consumers and avoid waste.

3. When there isn’t enough time to plan projects as effectively as one would like, formative evaluation is key.

4. Projects need to consider that different energy efficiency actions come with different barriers.

5. Projects need to consider whether the method of communication (such as door to door promotion) could be an important barrier to customer action.

6. Providing social proof is a key component of successful projects.

7. There is an onoing need for more evaluation of projects to confirm best practice and develop a robust evidential base for a targeted, customer-focussed approach to marketing energy efficiency. 

Links: What’s in it for me? , Behaviour Change Planning Checklist

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