Identifying and sharing best practice in energy efficiency behaviour change

We researched and wrote the What’s in it for me? report for Consumer Focus exploring how to motivate people to adopt energy-efficiency measures in their homes. The report also comes with Cause Action’s planning “checklist” which highlights the factors to consider if you are planning to promote energy efficiency behaviour change.


You can download the What’s in it for me? report here

The energy efficiency project planning checklist is here


“Richard’s expertise in behaviour change, and his experience of what is needed to achieve it, was invaluable to our research. As a result of the quality of this work, we asked him to develop and deliver workshops for frontline energy professionals to help them deliver energy efficiency behaviour change” – Liz Lainé, Policy Manager, Low Carbon Homes – Consumer Focus.


Behaviour change to reduce schools’ energy use

We supported four local authorities to use a behavioural approach amongst staff to ensure schools were effectively shut down when they weren’t being used for teaching. A thorough insight gathering process revealed important findings about roles and responsibilities, what motivates different people within schools, and “over-automation” of IT systems.

Guiding a project group of local authority staff, we developed an intervention that focussed on a tailored shut down checklist, cost saving information sent regularly to school management, a review of IT automation and the provision of switch display labels.

This enabled the 11 participating schools to save, on average, £378 over the six week summer holiday period, with some schools achieving over £1,000 in savings, over 20% of their energy costs.